If you are interested in what you have seen, contact me (Shaun Packham) using any of the methods below.

Shaun Email:
Tel: 020 7237 2001 / 07941 041 983
Address: Free Range Playgrounds
318 Southwark Park Road
SE16 2HA
I will then arrange a visit (weekends are a possibility) to look at your garden and discuss ideas. The main areas to cover would be:
  • your ideas;
  • your children’s ideas;
  • how these relate to the size of the garden;
  • features in the garden that could be used;
  • budget;
  • safety vs. adventure;
  • your neighbours/planning considerations.

The last point is important. For example if your neighbours were to object that their privacy has been invaded by children looking down from a tree house next door, then you might be told to take it down. While I can advise on what's generally needed, you will need to assess your own particular circumstances and apply for planning permission if you think it may be necessary.

Following our initial meeting I will send you drawings for discussion and an estimate.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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