About us

Free Range Playgrounds is run by Shaun Packham. Twenty years ago I started work as a play worker in Peckham on an adventure playground and maybe due to my very poor footballing skills I found myself drawn to building structures and painting murals. This led to full time work as a playground builder with the London Borough of Southwark. Since 1990 I’ve been self employed working on carpentry in gardens, gradually becoming more specialised in playgrounds.

Thumbs up for Free Range Playgrounds! I see outdoor play as incredibly important in the development of children. I have a nine year old boy who, like all children, is drawn to computer games and TV. The solution, other than constantly escorting him to the local park, is to create an interesting play environment in the garden. We have a swing, trampoline and play hut and I’m being pressured to build a skate board ramp at present. "The games of our children are their most serious business." - Michel de Montaigne
My structures tend be quite simple, with no elaborate decoration. I do not do fairy castles or pirate ships as I prefer to create something that will allow the children’s imagination to do the work, so that one week the structure may be a fairy castle but the next week it could be a space ship. This approach is definitely more economical. If your budget is limited, I can advise you on mass produced play equipment and help with its installation. I can also advise on the purchase and installation of trampolines. Click here to get in touch.
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